Use promo code LUNA15 and receive 15% off + FREE SHIPPING
Use promo code LUNA15 and receive 15% off + FREE SHIPPING
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Luna products are luxurious, elegant, and tailored using high end materials, intricate fabrication and details. Given proper care, your Luna fur or garment will maintain its appeal for years to come. To enjoy the long lasting quality and beauty of your Luna garments, we suggest the following:
  • Fur garment and accessories should be professionally cleaned by a Fur and Leather Specialist near you. If you have questions that a professional near you can not answer try
  • Clean and condition your fur garment annually in order to prevent drying,
  • Remove or cover any accessories (i.e.: belts, or buckles) before the cleaning,
  • Store your fur garment on a wide shaped outerwear hangers,
  • Store your garment in a cold storage facility.
  • If you elect to store your garment at home, please use a cedar or appropriate closet which is cool and humidity controlled,
  • Cashmere capes and accessories: entrust to a fine cleaner. Use a low temperature process and no petroleum based or harsh solvents